Top 5 RV Kitchen Accessories That Make Great Gifts!

First, let me say that the best gift of all is spending time with family – hopefully out camping somewhere fabulous! But… let’s face it, gift giving is definitely part of the package when the holidays come around. So for the camping foodie in your life, I’ve come up with my list of the Top 5 RV Kitchen Accessories!

RV Kitchen Accessories Pour Over Coffee Pot

Instant Pot Vertical Kitchen

I’ve tried to include a little something for every RVer and every budget – from a little stocking stuffer to something that seems to be on everyone’s RV Kitchen Accessories wish list! So here it is – the perfect gift list for the RVer in your life

Top 5 RV Kitchen Accessories

5. Multi-Spice Shaker

It’s all about saving space AND having food that tastes great! These compact spice shakers hold 4-6 spices (depending on which one you get) and include everything from paprika to salt and pepper to garlic salt to cayenne pepper. Pretty much everything you need to take your average meal and make it WOW! Each spice compartment has its own flip-top lid so you never have to worry about more than one spice coming out at the same time. I’m a huge fan of this and use it all the time!

4. Ice Block Trays

Well…. you all probably know by now how much I LOVE my Ice Block Trays! I wrote a post on them AND I made a video about them! I’m a true believer. No more watered down cocktails! And no more plowing through bags and bags of ice. Nice!

3. Pour Over Coffee Maker

Camping and coffee… a match made in heaven! I did a pretty extensive analysis of various ways to make coffee in this post, but my very favorite method when we’re out camping is this amazing pour over coffee pot. Hands down the best! No need to worry about burning through all your battery power with a traditional coffee maker. And the coffee that comes out of this thing is amazing!


2. Weber Q2200 Portable Grill

We grill A TON when we’re out camping. And we’ve tried many, many (many) grills. No grill comes close to the Weber Q2200 in my opinion. Not even close. It’s light, compact, has a ton of grill space, and fires up easily Every. Single. Time. I’ve had mine for years and it has never failed me! I just can’t say enough good things about this one!


1.  Instant Pot

Um…. Duh! This is most definitely my #1 pick of all the RV Kitchen Accessories! There’s almost nothing this appliance can’t do! Hard boiled eggs? Check. Homemade chicken soup? Check. Yogurt? Check. The most amazing baby back ribs? Absolutely! Giant pancakes? Of course! Cake? Yep. Even cake (although I haven’t tried that one yet.) And it does all these amazing things in about 1/4 the time it otherwise takes. Plus it doesn’t heat up your RV! Win. Win. Win! The Instant Pot is on everyone’s mind and probably everyone’s wish list! (Exciting news!! My Instant Pot Authorized Cookbook is now available for Pre-Order on Amazon! Check it out here!)


There you have it! Something for every camping foodie on your list! Feel free to comment below with other suggestions of awesome RV Kitchen Accessories. I’m always looking for cool stuff! I hope you all have a great holiday season and get out there camping soon!

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