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How To Make A Caramel Apple Latte The Easy Way

I am very happy to be working with and sponsored by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertisers on this Caramel Apple Latte post featuring International Delight® One Touch Latte™. I only endorse products I love and use. #LatteMadeEasy #CollectiveBias

I’m a little obsessed. I think the cool, crisp fall weather brings it out in me. I’m obsessed with the rich, buttery, sweet, crisp taste of caramel apple – such a fall classic. (Check out my Caramel Apple Salad!) I’m also obsessed with lattes, and thanks to the amazing folks at International Delight®, you can make a delicious Caramel Apple Latte the easy way! Anytime you want. Anywhere you want. Nice…Caramel Apple Latte Vertical Mug

There’s just something about fall that takes camping to a whole new level. The earthy smell of leaves retiring for the season. The bright blue sky caused by the low lying sun. And the need to grab sweatshirts and maybe even mittens as you sit by the evening and morning fires. Especially the morning fire.

Caramel Apple Latte Vertical Product


There’s one thing on everyone’s mind as they find their way to the morning campfire – coffee! I’m not talking about that thick, sludgy stuff often referred to as “cowboy coffee.” I’m talking the good stuff. Yes, we’ve become coffee snobs. (Sorry.. not sorry.) Thanks to the International Delight One-Touch Latte™ we can turn our brewed coffee into amazing frothy morning lattes in three easy steps. And when I say easy, I mean easy!

How to make a Latte in 3 easy steps

  1. Fill your cup 2/3 full of your favorite brewed coffee
  2. Shake the One-Touch Latte™
  3. Point the nozzle toward your coffee and press down for 3-5 seconds and watch the magic happen!

Easy. Peasy. The beautiful thing is that you can adjust the sweetness simply by how long you press the nozzle. I don’t have a huge sweet tooth, so I’m a 3 second kind of latte girl. My hubby… well you all know about his sweet tooth… so five seconds it is! Just keep in mind that you’ve gotta press that nozzle like you mean it! After all, you’re turning your average cup of joe into a beautiful frothy latte that rivals your uber expensive coffee shop drink!

Caramel Apple Latte Pouring Syrup

Speaking of coffee shop lattes – I’m not letting them have all the fun when it comes to awesome seasonal latte flavors! Caramel Apple Latte anyone?? Yep! That’s what I’m talking about. Just add a little apple syrup to your brewed coffee (you can buy this or make it by mixing 1 cup of apple juice with 1/4 cup sugar over the stove and simmer until reduced by half). A little of the syrup goes a long way, so only a tablespoon or so will get the job done. Then “latte” it with the One-Touch Latte™! Top with a sprinkle of nutmeg and a drizzle of caramel! It’s pretty amazing!

Caramel Apple Latte Cup in Hand

Check out this cool video to see it in action!

Obviously, I’m partial to the caramel flavor for this Caramel Apple Latte, but it also comes in vanilla (which is my everyday choice) and mocha (yes, that’s for my sweet-toothed hubby!) Just grab a can or two at Walmart as you’re stocking up for your next family fall camping trip. Everyone will thank you! You can find it at Walmart (you all know how much I love Walmart!) in the refrigerated section with the creamers. Get out there and enjoy fall camping! Make it special with a Caramel Apple Latte right at your campsite as you’re all huddled up near that glorious morning fire!

Walmart Latte


Click here for some more info on the amazing One-Touch Latte™

David | Spiced

Wednesday 18th of October 2017

A Caramel Apple Latte sounds amazing right about now! I love this time of the year, too, and caramel apples are one of my favorite Fall flavors. But I've never thought about combining those flavors into a latte! I definitely need to try this soon. Thanks for sharing! #client


Thursday 19th of October 2017

Thanks David! It's delish!!