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CookingPal® Multo™ Review | Honest Opinion

The new CookingPal® Multo™ is an all-in-one, multi-functional, smart kitchen appliance that replaces your blender, stand mixer, food processor, rice cooker, steamer, and so many other things! But is it worth the price tag? Keep reading for my honest answer.

What does the CookingPal® Multo™ Do?

Good question – the Multo™ all in one kitchen appliance chops, blends, kneads dough, simmers, boils, steams, sautees, whips and stirs, and has the ability to make complete meals with its stacked steaming baskets. Whew! That’s a lot!

It is a high-quality, very well-built intelligent cooking system that makes full meals (check out my ultra-creamy mac and cheese with fresh broccoli and ham here), superb side dishes (the mashed potatoes are to die for), and delicate sauces (homemade Thai Chili sauce that requires almost no effort!).

And to top it all off, the Multo™ by CookingPal® is controlled by a stand-alone, fully dedicated tablet control hub. It’s loaded with restaurant-quality, easy to follow recipes that have step by step instructions. Plus it has a built-in scale that makes measuring ingredients a piece of cake!

The hub also has manual functions if you’d rather create your own recipe. (I’ve done this too and it works great!)

Yes, I was skeptical at first. Can one smart kitchen appliance really do all this? (And do it well??) Yes, and yes!

I started with something easy – rice. Now, I’ve made my fair share of rice over the 30 years I’ve been cooking and guess what? This rice was the best rice I’ve ever made. Not an exaggeration. The Multo™ has the capability of simmering at the exact precise temperature to make perfect rice.

But as fabulous as that rice was, it was nowhere near as delish as the rich and creamy mac and cheese! It was O!M!G! good! I’ve made it way more times than I care to admit.

cookingpal multo cooking demo

Now, that creamy mac and cheese is pretty ooey-gooey, which would be a pain to clean if it were made in a regular pot. But guess what? The CookingPal® Multo™ has the most amazing self-cleaning function ever! There’s the quick rinse 30 second cycle and the deep clean 3 minute cycle that heats, stirs, and whips up the water so the entire bowl gets clean. It’s truly unbelievable how well that works.

So after weeks of putting the CookingPal® Multo™ to the test, I can give you my true and honest opinion. Yes, it’s worth it! At the time of this writing, it is currently on PreOrder sale here for a pretty steep discount of $799 ($200 off its regular $999 price). And it’s worth every penny!

Be sure to watch my YouTube videos here so you can see it in action to see if you think this is the dream product for you!

And please feel free to comment below if you have any questions. I’m happy to help!

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