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Costa Rica Chocolate | As Good as It Gets

You all know me by now… I’m not exactly a chocolate person (but my hubby is a die-hard chocolate fanatic!) Wait… did I say I’m not a chocolate person…. what I should have said is that I wasn’t a chocolate person. That all changed when I found The Latest Batch. This is Costa Rica Chocolate. And this is what chocolate should be!

The Latest Batch is everything I love about Costa Rica. It’s real, natural, and small-batched sourced. This is fresh, local, dark chocolate that is made with only three ingredients – and yes, you can even pronounce them all – Costa Rican cacao, Costa Rican cane sugar, and cacao butter.

Costa Rica Chocolate Vertical bag

Each batch is unique and has distinct, complex flavors. Think of it as the chocolate equivalent to small batch wine. Quality and deep flavor come through with each taste. The Latest Batch has even developed its own tasting wheel! Here’s a sneak peek at the front page (get the downloadable PDF here). It pairs beautifully with wine! Check out this article for some wine pairing tips!

Costa Rica Chocolate Tasting Wheel

Costa Rica Chocolate Tasting wheel

How cool is that?? So if you’re interested in checking out some “real” chocolate, be sure to visit The Latest Batch and get your delicious, natural, Costa Rica Chocolate delivered straight to your door. It doesn’t get much better than that! And don’t forget to get your Tasting Wheel download here!

And if you can’t decide which type to get, make sure to try this sampler pack! Enjoy your chocolate! And tag me on Instagram when you get your first batch of fabulous Costa Rica Chocolate!

Costa Rica Chocolate Two Pack

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