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Recyclable K Cups – A Great Coffee Solution!

Coffee. Coffee Coffee! You all know how much I love my morning coffee. Especially when there’s a chill in the air as I step out of our RV or tent in a glorious campsite. I’ve talked a lot about the warmth and satisfaction that comes with a good ole morning cup of Joe. I’ve even written other blog posts about all the different ways to make that fabulous mug of morning magic. But glaringly absent from that list of ways to make coffee is the famous (infamous?) Keurig-type of coffee making. And for good reason – a horrible lack of Recyclable K Cups! But that’s all changed now thanks to Intelligent Blends and I am very happy to be partnering with them to spread the word! #RecycleYourPods #BlendsInTheBinRecyclable K Cups Going Into Recycle Bin

I totally get the awesome convenience of pulling out a single serve pod to quickly and easily brew a nice, hot cup of coffee – especially out in the RV in the middle of nowhere. But that convenience has always come with a cost – a landfill filling cost. Billions of these super convenient K Cups have ended up in our landfills over the past couple of decades. Enough of them to wrap around our planet at least 11 times, according to this article by Story of Stuff. Recyclable K Cups Stacked

Now, I’m not a super-crazy-obsessed-you’ve-even-gotta-reuse-your-toilet-paper-environmentalist-type. But I do think we all need to do our part. After all, isn’t one of the main reasons we all get out there and go camping is to enjoy all of the stunning beauty our spectacular planet has to offer? Intelligent Blends Gourmet Coffee Pods makes it really easy AND delicious for us to do our part! Rich, satisfying, gourmet, small batch roasted gourmet coffee in recyclable K Cups. It’s about time! Now each time you have one of those amazingly convenient single serve cups, simply toss it into the recycle bin! (Read more about the founder of Intelligent Blends and his motivation here. It’s a good story…)

But let me be clear. It’s gotta be good! I most definitely don’t want to sit down to a bitter and sludgy or weak and watery steaming cup of something that only resembles coffee. I want a real cup of coffee. Once again, Intelligent Blends makes it easy. Micro-batch roasting only the highest quality coffee beans selected by a 5th generation brewmaster is what sets Intelligent Blends apart from the others. One would think this type of quality comes with a hefty price tag. But one would be wrong…. You can get Intelligent Blends superior quality all for about 39 cents per cup. Yep! Not kidding!

But wait… There’s more! (Hee hee… I’ve always wanted to say that.) Intelligent Blends can ensure you never run out of coffee! It has a convenient and inexpensive monthly subscription program. Just sign up and your coffee will come directly from the company itself. No middle man! Gotta love that. And if you use Discount Code SPICYAPRON you’ll get 10% off! (Click here to use the code)

Recyclable K Cups 2 boxes with brewer

Recyclable K Cups 2 boxes with brewer

Yep – Single Serve Recyclable K Cups! Here’s What You Need To Know

So, let’s just sum it up – now you can have convenient, high-quality, rich, tasty, single serve, micro-roasted coffee from recyclable k cups in a variety of flavors ranging from French Roast to Espresso to Breakfast Blend to Mochaccino and a bunch of other flavors (even decaf) for about 39 cents per cup delivered directly from Intelligent Blends to your door.

Thanks to Intelligent Blends I can now add single serve k cup type of coffee to my ever-growing list of amazing ways to make coffee. And actually feel good about recommending it! Yes, indeed, I’m very happy to be partnering with Intelligent Blends to spread the word about these amazing recyclable k cups. And I look forward to soaking in all the beauty Mother Nature offers for many years to come!