Travel Inspiration from Diet Coke? Absolutely!

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My regular readers are well aware that travel is a big part of my life. Every chance I get to hop on a plane, board a cruise ship, take a road trip, or pack up the camper to head to the great outdoors, I’m gone! In fact, I’m excited to say that you’ll see more and more of that here as I combine food with local, national, and international travel. I’m equally excited to tell you about my latest travel inspiration – the new Diet Coke ‘It’s Mine’ bottles. I know… it sounds crazy doesn’t it? But keep reading and you’ll understand.Travel Inspiration Diet Coke Close Up

Travel Inspiration Diet Coke Globe

Travel inspiration can come from nearly anywhere – a beautiful magazine, a compelling internet article, even from board games! (It’s true… if you follow me on Snapchat (username TheSpicyApron) you know that we play a lot of board games. So my sister and I have come up with a plan to travel to every place referenced in the board games we play! 7 WondersIstanbul, and Ticket to Ride have given us a great starting list of places we’re going to see in our lifetime.) And I got that same inspiration when I first saw the new Diet Coke ‘It’s Mine’ bottles!Travel Inspiration Diet Coke Globe

It’s a pretty cool idea. These colorful, geometric, artsy glass bottles are all unique. Every single one is different, and millions are being produced! So every time you pick one up, it’s different from all others. It’s yours and yours only (hence, the name – Diet Coke ‘It’s Mine’ bottles… duh!) It’s the same Diet Coke I’ve always loved, but in these cool artistic bottles. When I first saw them, I just stared at them. Taking it all in. And as I looked closely at the collection, one thing came to mind. Travel! Yes, that seems strange… I’m looking at Diet Coke ‘It’s Mine’ bottles and all I can think about is traveling the world. But what I see when I look at the bottles is a collection of flags from countries all over the world.Travel Inspiration Diet Coke Map close Up.

When I see the blue and white bottle, I think of Greece. The yellow, green, and orange one looks like an artist’s rendition of the Bolivia flag. And when I gaze at the blue, yellow, white, and black Diet Coke ‘It’s Mine’ bottle, I say hello St. Lucia! Travel Inspiration. Every one I pick up (I get mine at Albertson’s and Safeway) means a different place in the world I can explore! Travel Inspiration 1

And the best part is that the Diet Coke ‘It’s Mine’ bottles campaign is offering you a chance to explore too! Enter the Selfie Your Way to Television’s Biggest Awards Show (yes, the really big one in September…) and you could win one of 10 VIP packages that includes your hotel, a travel gift card, a pre-party reception, an exclusive gift bag and tickets to the awards show. Just snap a selfie  with your favorite Diet Coke ‘It’s Mine’ bottle on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #ItsAllMineSweepstakes for a chance to win. (In order to win, make sure your Instagram profile is public and your Twitter account is set to “unprotected” or “public” so everyone can see your awesome selfie!) You’ve got to enter between February 3, 2016 and April 26, 2016. The winner will be announced around April 27th so don’t wait! Just imagine heading off to the biggest television awards show ever! What a great travel adventure!

Click here for more information on the sweepstakes. And check these out too…

I’d love to hear from you how your Diet Coke ‘It’s Mine’ bottle inspires you (especially when you post it on Twitter and Instagram so you can win). I’m sitting here looking at my red, green, yellow, black, brown and purple bottle and dreaming of when I’ll get to Dominica. It reminds me of that old campaign… I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke… I loved that back then (yes, I’m dating myself), and I love the idea now. Only now it’s more like I’d love to buy myself a Diet Coke ‘It’s Mine’ bottle so I can see the world… Same, same. Only different… (I hear they say that in Thailand. When I get my blue, white, and red striped bottle, I’ll let you know!)

(Head on over to Albertson’s or Safeway to get yours today. Get inspired. Then enter the Selfie Your Way to Television’s Biggest Awards Show sweepstakes.)Travel Inspiration It's Mine Diet Coke

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  1. Love how you used these beautiful bottles to help you grow your must travel list. I would love to travel the world someday, too!! It’s one of my favorite things to do!

    1. Thanks, Nicole! These bottles really are fun to look at as I dream about where I’m going next!