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Our Top 5 Camping Games – Tons of Fun!

Can’t you just feel it in the air…? Camping season is right around the corner! Woohoo! People are starting to plan trips, de-winterize their rigs, check inventory and think about what to add this year. Everyone is itching to get out there and enjoy the great outdoors! Next to cooking for the clan, my favorite way to pass time camping is to play games. Games of all kinds. Games and camping go together like a campfire and a marshmallow – a match made in heaven. So I thought I’d share with you our Top 5 Camping Games (in no particular order) to give you some ideas to add to your collection.Fifth Wheel Camping Games

One of the very best of my sister’s many contributions to our camping fun is the hours and hours of research she puts into finding, reading about, and testing various games. And she pretty much knocks it out of the park every time. There’s no doubt that our camping trips are far more enjoyable thanks to her awesome game selection! This is the stuff memories are made of. (Click on the title or the picture of each game to be taken to Amazon for more info.) And make sure to visit The Gear We Love page for more Camping Games and Camping Gear!

Camping Games #1 – Happy Salmon

Happy Salmon is three minutes of complete fun and laughter. Who knew that getting a bunch of people together doing high fives, fist pounding and arm flapping could be so hilariously fun and funny?? (Well apparently the folks that invented Happy Salmon knew). This is a game for all ages, can be played outdoors or indoors and takes all of three minutes to play. But it might just be the best three minutes of your camping trip. 

Camping Games #2 – Bocce Ball

We take it all-terrain! This classic outdoor game is great for everyone and a fun way to explore your surroundings. We modify the traditional rules (playing strictly within a rectangular court) a bit by throwing the target ball anywhere around our campsite – through the pine trees, down in the dried riverbed, and behind boulders…. It’s always interesting and a blast to see where that little ball will end up. The person who throws their ball closest to the target ball wins the point. You’ll be surprised at where some of these balls end up!

Camping Games #3 Monopoly Deal – The Card Game

Seriously… I’m really NOT a Monopoly fan. The old classic board game takes forever to play and drags on and on (my apologies to those of you who love Monopoly).  So I was not very excited when my sister brought this one along. Well, I stand corrected. Monopoly can actually be fun! Monopoly Deal is a card version of the traditional game and it can be played in about 20 minutes. AND… it’s lots of fun! All of the traditional elements but without all of the time-consuming parts. There’s no banker, no board, no tokens, and no one goes to jail or gets out free.  This is a great and very portable game. Perfect for an afternoon sitting at your camp table.

Check out The Quick Review YouTube of the Monopoly Gard Game


Camping Games #4- Martian Dice 

Dice games are always a blast for the whole family and Martian Dice is no exception. It’s a quick and easy roll of the dice type of game that always has a different outcome. Some play it safe, some go for the big win! Great for evenings in the RV or on a little camp table near your campfire. Inexpensive, portable, and fun for the whole clan makes this a great addition to anyone’s stack of games.

Camping Games #5 – Cover Your Assets Card Game

 Watch out for this one if your family is a wee bit competitive like ours… it’s a bit brutal! We’ve played this card game countless times and it always leads to lots of laughs and, yes, a few f-bombs. The game is about collecting and securing your assets. But beware, if you don’t play your cards right, your friends and family are just waiting in the wings to steal them right out from under your nose. This one is always exciting. Always.

Our first camping trip of the season is only a week away. We’re excitedly getting everything ready to go. Especially the games. Tell me some of your favorite games in the comments below. I’d love to hear about them. Who knows? Maybe they’ll make my next Top 5 Camping Games list? Gametime with the fam has truly created some of our very best memories! 🙂

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