Instant Pot Smart Wifi | ALEXA enabled – full REVIEW

Well, it just keeps getting better! That amazing appliance we all have and love – The Instant Pot! Guess what? The NEW Instant Pot Smart Wifi is NOW Alexa Enabled!! So cool! (Please note – the Alexa Skill is only available for the Instant Pot Smart WiFi. You can check it out here if you’re thinking of buying one.)

instant pot smart wifi with phone

Now Alexa enabled – the best WiFi pressure cooker will make your life even easier with Instant Pot and Alexa! The Instant Pot with Alexa is Instant Pot’s new pressure cooker. (Here’s the Alexa Skill if you want to see it!)

instant pot smart wifi with phone
Instant Pot Smart Wifi Vertical Alexa

Some call it the WiFi Instant Pot or the Instant Pot WiFi. You could even call it the Instant Pot Alexa, but no matter what you call it, it’s right up there with the coolest of all kitchen appliances. And I’m here to tell you what it does…. and doesn’t do!


First off, if you’re looking to learn in general what the Instant Pot Smart Wifi is all about, then check out this post I did on it. You can also watch this video from my YouTube channel showing you all of the “techie” reasons to get one.

This post is primarily dedicated to showing you all about the new Alexa Skill for the Instant Pot Smart Wifi!

What does the Instant Pot Smart WiFi with Alexa do?

Put simply, the Alexa Enabled Instant Pot gives you hands-free control of many of your Instant Pot functions. So when your hands are dirty or wet or busy painting your nails doing other useful things, you simply tell Alexa what to do.

For example: “Alexa, find a recipe for beans in the Instant Pot” or “Alexa, cook soup in my Instant Pot” and BAM! your Instant Pot magically turns on and starts the soup cooking function! Very cool!

There are many commands that will work very well. It does an amazing job using your pre-programmed buttons (like the meat, beans, rice, etc.) It also does a great job with just the Pressure Cook function (which is what most of us use most of the time, isn’t it?)

I also love that you can ask Alexa to find an Instant Pot recipe using __________ (you fill in the blank – chicken, beef, beans… ) and she will come up with the top recipes for that category. Then you can ask her to send that recipe to your phone, which is pretty cool.


But there are a few areas in need of improvement (and I’m sure they’re working on it!) First of all, when you “name” your Instant Pot Smart WiFi (I go through that in this video), make sure to pick something super easy so Alexa will recognize it. I finally ended up choosing to name mine “My Instant Pot” (yeah, totally not creative, but now it works every time!) Alexa really struggled to find my pot when I called it something else (I think I had called it “my 1st Cool Wifi IP” or something like that… not a chance Alexa could figure that out!)

Also, getting the verbiage right for the commands takes a bit of trial and error (I think this is the case with most voice-activated pieces of equipment). So you’ve got to take time time to learn it.

Overall, the Alexa Skill for the Instant Pot (it’s called the Instant Cook Skill) is better than I expected. If you’re a techie like I am, you’ll love getting to know it. If you get frustrated with technology, then you might want to hold off.

I definitely believe over time the Instant Cook Alexa Skill will become better and better. The recipes will be easier to find. You’ll be able to tell Alexa to send the ingredient list to your shopping list. And the wording of the commands will get easier.

But for now, it’s a very fun, cool new piece of technology that really does make your Instant Pot easier (and more fun) to use. And the Alexa Skill is FREE!!

Here’s the Instant Pot Smart Wifi!

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