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Easy Camping Dinners | 10 Family Favorites

I’ve been camping for nearly 30 years and serving up easy camping dinners can be a huge challenge. So I’ve put together a collection of some of our family favorites!

easy camping dinners make ahead shepherds pie in foil

There’s something for everyone in this list. Some make-ahead camping meals. Some campfire meals. And some that can be made in your RV oven.

One of the keys to awesome and easy camping dinners is that they have to be easy to make but also easy to clean up! This list has a variety of serving methods, including foil packets, make ahead casseroles, and a great no bake dessert.

All to make your camping trip more enjoyable! There are some general tips to follow when deciding on your camping dinners, whether or not you use any of these great reacipes.

Tips for Great Camping Dinners

  • Use disposable containers if possible to avoid extensive dishwashing when water may be in short supply. (I use these foil trays when I need something disposable. Just be sure to get a size that will fit in your RV oven!)
  • Get a head count of how many you will be feeding before you go and plan accordingly. Leftovers may be tough to deal with when camping.
  • If camping at elevation above 5000 feet, you will likely need to add cooking or reheating time. 10% will usually do the trick.
  • Meals that can be eaten out of a bowl and do not require a fork and a knife work well when planning on eating around a campfire.
  • And be sure to leave room for s’mores!

What Should I Make for Dinner Camping?

Getting ready for a camping trip is so much fun, isn’t it? The anticipation and excitment leading up to it is half the fun. Food planning is also a big part of the prep and lots of people want to know what to make for dinner when camping. Here are 10 of our favorites!

Easy Camping Dinners | 10 Family Favorites

This list of 10 Easy Camping Dinners will make your camping cooking a breeze. Loaded with lots of easy to make camping meals!

So don’t stress out when planning your camping dinners. A little planning really does go a long way! Happy Camping!