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The Easiest of all Camping Snacks

I am very happy to be working with and compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertisers on this post featuring the new RITZ  Cracker Sandwiches available at Walmart to bring you the easiest of all Camping Snacks! All opinions are mine alone. #FlavorfulRITZ #CollectiveBias. Thank you for supporting the brands that make The Spicy Apron possible.

There’s nothing quite like camping. Getting outdoors. Enjoying the smell of pine needles and fresh air. Sitting around a roaring campfire enjoying family time together. Escaping the “real world” (although I would argue that being out in nature is, in fact, the real world). Camping typically brings out the happiness in people who are otherwise stressed in their day-to-day lives. It’s an awesome experience; one everyone should incorporate into their lives. But I’m not gonna lie…. it can be hard work. Especially for the person responsible for the food. (That would be me!) And while I don’t mind taking the time and making the effort to put out some really great camping meals, I’ve adopted a philosophy when it comes to camping food. Keep it tasty. Keep it simple. And keep it easy to clean up! That’s especially true when it comes to camping snacks. And I’ve discovered the easiest of all camping snacks…. RITZ Cracker Sandwiches! They most definitely fit my motto – tasty, easy, and NO cleanup! It doesn’t get much better than that.

Camping Snacks close up

Easy, filling, and refreshing – the best kind of camping snacks!

One of the most important aspects of having an awesome, fun, and relaxing camping trip is to plan well – including meals and camping snacks. They’ve got to pack well, travel well, and not take up much space. That’s where the RITZ Cracker Sandwiches come in! Pack well? Check. Travel well? Check. Space saver?

Easy to take Camping Snacks

Everything packs so well!

Camping Snacks

Just unpack when you get to your camping spot!

Check! And they really are amazingly tasty! I’ve been a RITZ Cracker fan my whole life (flaky buttery goodness.. 🙂 ), and these RITZ Cracker Sandwiches take it to a whole new level!

Camping Snacks close

Putting out a great camping snack spread is easy!

The Easiest of all Camping Snacks come in Three Amazing Flavors!

Talk about tasty!! These new RITZ cracker Sandwiches come in three awesome flavors:

  • RITZ Bacon Flavored Cracker with Cheese Flavored Filling
  • RITZ Baked with Whole Wheat Cracker with White Cheddar Flavored Filling
  • RITZ Everything Cracker with Cream Cheese Flavored Filling

My personal favorite is the RITZ  Bacon Flavored Cracker with Cheese Flavored Filling. That smoky, salty, bacon-y taste combined with creamy, cheese flavored filling… Yum! Although, I must say that the RITZ Everything Cracker with Cream Cheese Flavored Filling is a close second. And of course, the RITZ Baked with Whole Wheat Cracker with White Cheddar Flavored Filling is a great option for those into whole wheat!!

Walmart Grocery Pick up for Camping Snacks

The helpful Walmart folks pick and package all your groceries!

And to make things even easier, they’re available at Walmart, and in select areas, Walmart Grocery Pickup is available! (My long time readers already know that I’m a fan of this service. I wrote about it last year in this post.) It truly doesn’t get any easier. You go online, search or browse a huge selection of Walmart products. Click what you want. Choose a pick up time. Then show up, park in the conveniently located reserved spots, and the friendly Walmart employee brings everything out to your car and loads it for you. You don’t even need to get out! In select areas, they’ll even give you a VIP bag full of samples (including RITZ products) and valuable coupons. Easy Peasy!

Walmart Grocery Pick up (1)

Easy and Convenient Walmart Grocery Pick up!

Walmart Grocery Pick up for Camping Snacks

Just bring them home and get ready to go camping!

And speaking of coupons… I just learned about an electronic cash back system called ibotta (it has a great mobile app!). It’s a very cool system that gives you cash back just by buying products you already love! For example, when you buy the RITZ Cracker Sandwiches, ibotta has a $.50 cash back offer now through August.Mondelez Ritz Cracker Sandwich at Walmart Summer 2016 iBotta image Camping Snacks

So when you’re planning your next camping outing, be sure to make it easy on yourself (and tasty for everyone!). Plan your meals and camping snacks accordingly. And always make sure to bring camping snacks you can take along on your day trip outings!

ibotta app camping snacks

The mobile app makes using ibotta so easy!

Backpack for camping snacks

Make sure to take along plenty of great treats when you go out!

Backpack full of camping snacks

Lots of packable snacks make the day trips easy!

We just got back from a two week camping trip to South Dakota and had a great time visiting Mt. Rushmore. It was spectacular! And rather than paying the outrageous prices for their on-site food, we packed a cooler and a bag of snacks and “tail-gated” in the parking lot! We had a great time and lots of laughs about it. And these RITZ Cracker Sandwiches are perfect for that type of activity. Life is short. Get out there and enjoy it!

Mount Rushmore Camping Snacks

My Brother in Law is getting pretty darn good at selfies!!